Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Get taller! here is how!

Ever wondered how to get taller? So have I. Iv been looking for quite sometime trying to find the best ways to help me gain more height... and until now i couldn't actually find any decent ways... But now I have! Want to hear how? Sure you do! Simply wear shoe lifts that's all their is to it. Shoe lifts aren't a gimmick they actually do work.. probably to good because you can get taller by 3 inches just by wearing a pair.. Many of my friends just laugh at the idea of someone wearing shoe lifts.. but why should your friends even know you are wearing them? After all they are hidden inside the shoes you are wearing so nobody needs to know you got them on. Trust me nobody can guess when someones wearing them and besides the thought of some one wearing shoe lifts to make themselves taller is totally random and bizarre nobody will think of that they will like everybody just assume you have grown (you may wish to adjust the height up gradually with the shoe lifts to make it seem the case that your naturally getting taller). Wanna know more then go ahead and read this post about shoe lifts!